Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I – 196-Pin Spartan-6 LX FPGA

Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I is a 196-pin count Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). As a semiconductor, it coordinates the functionalities of the circuit board through which the core electrical aspects of an electronic device are produced.

Some FPGA consumers looking to buy the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I need to understand how the internal components of the board work. That and much other important information is what you are going to discover in this article.

Technical Attributes

Below is a detailed explanation of the different technical components of the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I.

1. Input & Output

Input and Output are also called the I/O. It has to do with the number of openings through which the components can be added or removed from the FPGA.

The Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I has a total of 106 Inputs and Outputs (I/O).

2. Operating Temperature

This has to do with the minimum and maximum temperature that the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) can operate. It is best to maintain the operations of the FPGA within this range to prevent it from overheating or underperforming.

The Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I has an Operating Temperature of 40-degree Celsius minimum and 100-degree Celsius maximum.

3. Mounting Technology

Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I uses a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) enabling the instantaneous placement of the components atop the Integrated Circuit.

The additional technical specifications of the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I are specified below in a table:

Technical SpecificationsDescription
Maximum Voltage Supply1.14 volts to 1.26 volts
Number of CLBS/LABs1,139
Package/Case196-TFBGA, CSBGA
RAM Bits (maximum)589,824
Logic Cells/Elements14,579

Features of the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I

Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I is one of the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) under the Xilinx Spartan 6 series. As such, it offers reduced costs of production, being one of the attributes peculiar to FPGAs in that series.

1. Excellent Clocking Management

One of the major roles of a clock in an xilinx FPGA is the “remembrance of previous events or configurations.” This does not only help the digital designer to understand what the IC must have been used for in the past. It is also a way to help the Integrated Circuit (IC) recall some of the previous functions that can be “brought forward” to facilitate the next set of configurations.

For this reason, the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I has been equipped with a Clock Management Tile (CMT) to “oversee” the recovery of previous functions and use the same to bolster the performance of the FPGA.

2. Multi-Reference Designs

As a designer, you will run out of ideas on how to design the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I, thanks to the multiple reference designs. You can count on this to integrate industry-leading IP and reference designs, while you continue to use your initiative to come up with new design inspirations.

3. Simplified and Cost-Effective Designs

The design of the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I is simplified, thanks to the innovative process. A majority of the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA series have simplified configuration processes.

For the low-cost productions, that is enabled via the MicroBlaze software processor. It oversees the faster embedding of components on the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I FPGA, using the Surface Mount Technology.


If you are looking for a Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) with higher pin counts, simplified configuration, excellent clocking performance, and low-cost design; go for the Xilinx XC6SLX16-3CPG196I.

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