FPGA Services




Package Solutions

EBICS offers a range of packaging alterations tailored to your preferences.


Price and Availability Assistant

Quickly view product availability and price while purchasing for your designs,Fast reply from your own servicer.

Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services


Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services

Global network of electronic design and manufacturing firms providing fee-based services to help you with design, development and manufacturing of your concept, product or service. In the website you can research firms by location, industry, design capability, supplier certification and experience. Services provided by the firms include hardware and software design, schematic design, PCB layout, prototype build and test, volume manufacturing and many other related services


Part Tracing

EBICS now offers a new way to make it easier to visually verify Cut Tape product and provide more convenient traceability in customer supply chains. Cut Tape strips of 200mm (about 8 inches) or longer now include a universally unique Part Tracing ID and order-specific information printed directly on the back of the 8mm wide paper carrier tape. In addition to printed information, the Part Tracing ID can be used in your My EBICS account to retrieve all available information that pertains to the specific piece of Cut Tape.

electronic components testing


9 Components Testing Services

EBICS offers component testing services: 
1. Visual inspection
2. Solderability testing
3. Cross-section testing
4. Chemical uncapping
5. Failure analysis
6. X-RAY fluoroscopy
7. Ultrasonic scanning
8. Ambient temperature testing
9. Electrical performance testing



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Clients Testimonials

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William Ramire Purchase

EBICS delivers excellent pricing and service. Whether the order is large or small they takes the time to do the job correctly, Dealing with him have been professional and to the point.

Joe Wheeler Electronic Engineer

Great service,great people to work with, I recommand buyers to order from EBICS, Price good

Miranda Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Very pleasant purchasing process, EBICS helped me find the components I needed and sent them to me in the fastest way, thank you very much

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