EBICS core principles: Ethics modules and Interdisciplinary modules are now fully updated on EBICS website!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ethics Modules

To date, EBICS has developed four Ethics Modules, which affiliates have presented to a wide range of audiences throughout the United States. Explore modules 1-4 on the EBICS website!

Interdisciplinary Modules

The major intellectual theme of EBICS is the integration of concepts from the applied fields of tissue-engineering, systems biology, and synthetic biology to: a) yield new analytical insights into emergent behaviors of integrated cellular systems and b) use this analytical framework as the basis to design and build new kinds of biological machines. 

Each of the applied fields of EBICS research integrates approaches from several established engineering and science disciplines; as a result, EBICS research is highly interdisciplinary in nature. The EBICS Education team has curated lectures from EBICS faculty to bridge potential gaps in technical knowledge experienced by students from disparate engineering and science backgrounds and to provide continuing education for EBICS undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs. Explore the interdisciplinary modules on the EBICS website! We will continue to update the series of lectures going forward. 


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