Yuhong Fan

Academic Title-Position: Associate Professor, School of Biology

Department: Biology

University: Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Lab: Fan Laboratory

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Current Research

Faculty Investigator: Kara McCloskey (UC Merced)

Topic: MPS

Contributing Trainee(s) and corresponding trainee projects: Nicole Madfis – Co-emergence of Endothelial Subphenotypes (graduated summer, 2018); Lian Wong –Microfluidic platforms for generating microvasculature and Role of Mechanical Forces in Endothelial Cell Fate from human ESC and iPS cells (graduated fall, 2018); Rachel Hatano – Towards integration of functional muscle with endothelial cells/vasculature (graduated summer, 2019); Edwin Shen – Modular 3D Bioprinting, Directing smooth muscle cells and pericytes from human ESC and iPS cells; Jose Zamora – Modeling Vascular Cell Fate.

Collaboration between Kara McCloskey and Yuhong Fan studying co-emergence of vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells from a common progenitor cell. This data specifically examined the role of material stiffness in directing the fate of vascular progenitor cells. High stiffness hydrogels direct more smooth muscle cells while low stiffness hydrogels direct more cells towards the endothelial fate [2].

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