Xilinx XQR2V6000-4CF1144M: What You Need to Know

The XQR2V6000-4CF1144M can be used in various applications such as videos, telecommunication, networking, and DSP applications such as DDR, LVDS, and PCI interfaces.

The main reason the XQR2V6000-4CF1144M is considered a powerful alternative to other one-time-programmable devices is because of its long list of features that make it cost-efficient and energy-saving. Continue reading this article to understand better what the XQR2V6000-4CF1144M offers.

XQR2V6000-4CF1144M Features

These are the notable features of the XQR2V6000-4CF1144M

  • 2nd Generation ASIC Replacement Technology

ASIC, also known as Application-Specific Integrated circuit, is a type of Integrated chip specially designed for a specific use instead of a general-purpose. It can be used for a wide range of applications. For example, some devices are specifically for mining a particular cryptocurrency.

The advantage of ASIC over FPGA is that it has lower power consumption but greater performance. ASIC also offers better IP security.

  • High-performance Clock Management Circuitry

The XQR2V6000-4CF1144M has 12 digital clock management modules, allowing it to have precise clock deskew, high-resolution phase shifting, and flexible frequency synthesis. It also comes with 16 multiplexer buffers.

  • Active Interconnect Technology

This device features a 4th generation segmented routing structure, enabling it to have a fast routing delay that’s independent of fanout.

  • SelectRam Memory Hierarchy

The XQR2V6000-4CF1144M features dual-port RAM that’s 2.5 Mb in an 18-kbit block. It also has up to 1 Mb distributed SelectRAM resources.  

XQR2V6000-4CF1144M Benefits

The main reason why a lot of people are considering the XQR2V6000-4CF1144M, aside from its features, is because of the benefits that it has to offer. These benefits include:

  • Cost-effective

ASICs are more affordable when bought in bulk, unlike FPGAs. These are also much more energy-efficient, so you’ll eventually be saving money on energy costs later on, even if the initial price might be a little pricier than its counterparts.

  • IP Immersion Architecture

It has a wide range of densities from 1M to 6M system gates, allowing you to find the best fit for your project. It also features a 300+ MHz internal clock speed and a 622+ Mb I/O.

  • Military Temperature Range

No need to worry about the XQR2V6000-4CF1144M overheating because it has a guaranteed full military temperature range of -55 degrees to 125 degrees Celsius.

  • Flexible Logic Resource

Another benefit that the XQR2V6000-4CF1144M offers is its flexible logic resources that feature up to 67,584 internal latches or registers that are clock enabled. It also has up to 67,584 cascading or look-up tables of 16-bit shift registers.

  • Alliance Series and Xilinx Foundation Series Development Systems Supported

This device features integrated Verilog, and VHDL design flows. It has a compilation of 10M system gate designs and an internet team design tool.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy the XQR2V6000-4CF1144M?

The XQR2V6000-4CF1144M is a good option if you are looking for a cost-effective and energy-saving device. To determine whether it’s the right fit for your project, it highly recommended that you first list down the specs that you need. This way, it’s easy to compare the XQR2V6000-4CF1144M features and benefits  with your requirements.  

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