What is Xilinx XQR2V6000-4CF1144H and its Related Benefits?

Are you an electrical engineering student considering XQR2V6000-4CF1144H for your next circuit build project? In that case, you have come to the right page. In this article, we’ll be discussing what is the XQR2V6000-4CF1144H and its related benefits to help you determine whether it’s the right FPGA for your needs.

What is XQR2V6000-4CF1144H?

The XQR2V6000-4CF1144H is part of the QPRO Virtex-II radiation-hardened family which includes FPGA platforms specially developed for aerospace, high-density, and high–performance designs that are built based on custom modules and IP cores. Because of this, the XQR2V6000-4CF1144H offers a wide range of applications for industries such as networking, video, telecommunication, and DSP applications such as DDR, LVDS, and PCI interface.

XQR2V6000-4CF1144H Key Features

XQR2V6000-4CF1144H is packed with a long list of features that makes it a desirable device in the market. Some of these features include:

  • 2nd Generation ASIC Replacement Technology
  • SelectRAM Hierarchical Memory
  • 16 Bits LUT Distributed RAM
  • 0.15 Micron Technology
  • Active Interconnect Technology
  • Select IO Ultra Technology
  • SRAM-Based In-System Configuration

XQR2V6000-4CF1144H Top Benefits

Aside from the features that it offers, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits when you choose the XQR2V6000-4CF1144H:

  • Wide Density Range

The XQR2V6000-4CF1144H has densities that could go as high as 15,552 logic cells that have up to 600,000 system gates. This gives you more flexibility when designing your circuit build.

  • Cost Effective

Although the XQR2V6000-4CF1144H was designed to be a high-performing device, it does not consume much power. This will allow you to save on energy cost later on, making it a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

  • Streamline Features

The features of XQR2V6000-4CF1144H are based on the Virtex-E FPGA architecture. This makes it easy to use and configure to your needs.

  • Plenty of Application

Despite being a small device, the XQR2V6000-4CF1144H has plenty of applications. It could be used in consumer electronics, cloud computing, 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence, wireless technology, Internet of things, Medical Equipment, industrial control and many more.

  • Flexible Logic Resources

The XQR2V6000-4CF1144H has upto 67,583 laches or registers that are clock enabled. It also has upto 67,583 LUTs 16-bit shift registers and wide-input and  multiplexers support.

  • Radiation Assurance

Since the XQR2V6000-4CF1144H is part of the Virtex-II Radiotinon Platform FPGAs, it is guaranteed to have Single Event Latch-up immunity and Total Ionizing Dose. The technology used for this device incorporates thin epitaxial layers in its wafer manufacturing process for latch-up immunity assurance. Each wafer lot is also tested to ensure that the performance of the device satisfy the DC electrical specification requirements.

Final Words

The XQR2V6000-4CF1144H is constructed to be a high-performing FPGA and given that it’s from a reputable brand such as Xilinx, the quality and performance it has to offer is highly expected. Because it’s packed with technology and built with premium quality materials, you’ll get value for your money if you choose to buy this device.

If you want to buy XQR2V6000-4CF1144H, don’t worry because the prices don’t fluctuate that much. Even if it does, the difference is not that big and you can also save more if you choose to buy it in bulk.

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