Xilinx XQR2V3000-4BG728R – The Low-Cost FPGA Option

With so many available FPGAs you can choose, how do you know which one you need? First of all, they don’t work the same. The XQR2V3000-4BG728R has different specs than the other models. The XQR2V3000-4BG728R falls under the product categories multi-turn potentiometer and lap.

This product of Xilinx comes in a BGA-728 package and has no RoHS. To help you understand more about the XQR2V3000-4BG728R, this article will tap into the following:

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Who needs it?

XQR2V3000-4BG728R – What is It?

The XQR2V3000-4BG728R is a Field Programmable Gate Array or FPGA. To create an intended circuit for a design you’re making, you will only load the configuration, in this case, the XQR2V3000-4BG728R, into the FPGA without making any physical changes.

XQR2V3000-4BG728R- How Does It Work?

You can configure the XQR2V3000-4BG728R an unlimited number of times since its configuration is based on RAM. You can trust the XQR2V3000-4BG728R to finish full solutions for DSP applications, such as DDR, LVDS, and PCI interfaces, video, networking, and telecommunication.

The XQR2V3000-4BG728R is built for low power consumption but high-speed output. It is powerful enough to be used as an alternative to one-time programmable devices and gate arrays that are mask-programmed. It combines a wide range of densities and flexible features.

The main features of the XQR2V3000-4BG728R include the following:

  • 4K-bit block RAM true dual-port (configurable)
  • Has distributed RAM of 16 bits/LUT
  • SelectRAM hierarchical memory
  • 0.15-micron technology (cost-effective)
  • Low cost
  • Unlimited re-programmability of in-system
  • Virtex-E FPGA architecture-based streamlined features
  • Densities reaching 600,000 system gates and 15,552 logic cells
  • ASIC replacement technology (second generation)

XQR2V3000-4BG728R – Who Needs It?

Any programmers or developers looking for cost-efficient FPGAs will love the XQR2V3000-4BG728R. It is easy to use and is loaded with features. You can also get the technical specifications from its website.

If you have any queries about this FPGA, you need to sign up to Xilinx’s website, submit your contact details, email address, quantity, and your inquiry about the product. Once logged in, you can access its downloadable resources and post comments.

You only have to wait if you did not obtain technical support for the product immediately. Xilinx’s technical engineers that handle FPGAs will get back and help you with the starter kit, programming tools, pdf datasheet, pinout details about the XQR2V3000-4BG728R, and more. There are times when it takes hours or days due to the differences in location but rest assured they will answer your query once they are available.

The XQR2V3000-4BG728R is helpful in many fields and industries. You can use it in medical equipment, the Internet of Things, industrial control, wireless technology, consumer electronics, cloud computing, 5G technology, and artificial intelligence. It can be handy for both the pros and beginners. Since it is low-cost, you can use this FPGA to practice your integrated circuit design.


FPGAs work differently, so you have to go through the features to know which one is suited for your project. The XQR2V3000-4BG728R can be used for many functions. The best thing about this product is that it is high-powered but has low consumption.

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