What You Need to Know About the Xilinx XQR2V1000-4FG456N

Are you thinking of using the XQR2V1000-4FG456N for your next circuit design? In that case, it’s essential for you to know what it is, how it works, and what its benefits are.

Luckily, these questions will be answered by this article. Read on to discover more information about the XQR2V1000-4FG456N.

What is the XQR2V1000-4FG456N?

The XQR2V1000-4FG456N combines a wide variety of flexible features, allowing it to be an excellent choice for people looking for an FPGA for their next circuit build.

The key features of this device include the following:

  • 2nd Generation ASIC Replacement Technology

ASIC Replacement technology offers better performance than most FPGAs out there. It has a higher ability to layer functionalities and much faster.

  • SelectRAM Hierarchical Memory

The XQR2V1000-4FG456N has upto 1 MB of distributed SelectRAM resources, making it a powerful device.

  • Active Interconnect Technology

The XQR2V1000-4FG456N is equipped with the active interconnect technology which means it has a 4th generation segmented routing structure. Not only that, it also has a fast routing delay that’s predictable and independent of fanout.

  • SRAM-Based In-System Configuration

SRAM Stands of Static Random Access Memory. It retains bits of data in its memory as long as it’s supplied with power. Compared to dynamic RAM which needs to be refreshed continuously, SRAM-based systems do not consume as much power as those that run on dynamic RAM.

  • High-Performance Clock Management Circuitry

The XQR2V1000-4FG456N has upto 12 Digital Clock manage modules. This equips the device with precise clock deskew, high-resolution phase shifting, and flexible frequency synthesis. It also comes with buffers that are 16 global clock multiplexers.

Benefits ofXQR2V1000-4FG456N

The reason why a lot of people are interested in XQR2V1000-4FG456N is because of its long list of benefits. These benefits include:

  • Large Density Range

XQR2V1000-4FG456N has a density range of upto 6 million system gates. This offers flexibility so you can find the right fit for the project that you are doing.

  • Affordable

The XQR2V1000-4FG456N has technology that allows it to consume less power. This is why even if it’s not the most affordable option when you initially buy it, you’ll later realize it’s more cost-effective because you’ll be saving on power in the long run.

  • Alliance Series and Xilinx Foundation Series Supported

Get the support that you need from reliable sources because this is supported by the Alliance Series and Xilinx Foundation development systems. It comes with an Internet Team Design tool and compilation of 10 M system gates designs.

  • High-speed

The XQR2V1000-4FG456N was designed to be high-performing and fast. Its quick performance is mainly because of the optimized architecture that was used when building it.

Final Words

You now have a good understanding of what XQR2V1000-4FG456N is. It will be easier for you to determine whether it’s what you need for your circuit design.

Given its features and benefits, it can be an excellent choice for your next circuit build. It is designed to perform quickly and is made with durable and high-quality materials. Most importantly, it is cost-effective.

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