What is Xilinx XQR2V1000-4BG575R?

The XQR2V1000-4BG575R is a type of programmable Logic ICs. This is a small electronic component used in building digital circuits. When these are manufactured, they don’t have specified functions unlike Integrated Circuits which are assigned with specific functions.

Programmable Logic devices such as the XQR2V1000-4BG575R has various applications. If you are interested in knowing what’s the difference of XQR2V1000-4BG575R from other similar products, then you have come to the right page. In this article, you’ll learn about the key features of the XQR2V1000-4BG575R and the benefits that it has to offer.

Key Features of XQR2V1000-4BG575R

The XQR2V1000-4BG575R is packed with plenty of noteworthy features. These include the following:

● 2nd Generation ASIC Replacement Technology

ASIC stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. This is a microchip designed for an application such as a hand-held computer or a specific type of transmission protocol. It is often compared with general integrated circuits like the RAM on your PC or microprocessor.

Take note that ASICs are not programmable or modificable once it has been produced. In short, it’s not suitable for general use.

● SelectRam Hierarchical Memory

When it comes to computer architecture, the memory hierarchy separates the computer storage depending on the response time. Given that capacity, complexity, and response time are interrelated, the levels are distinguished according to their controlling technologies and performance which is the case with the SelectRam Hierarchical Memory

● 16 Bits Distributed RAM

This device features a 16 Bits Distributed ram. A distributed RAM is distributed throughout the FPGA and is read asynchronously. This creates a wide variety of memory structures, allowing you to enjoy more flexibility and versatility on your build.

Benefits of XQR2V1000-4BG575R

One of the main reasons why many are showing interest in the XQR2V1000-4BG575R is because of the benefits it has to offer. Some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy if you choose to use this include the following:

  • Cost effective

The XQR2V1000-4BG575R is not the cheapest FPGA in the market. However, it was designed to be high-performing but without consuming too much power. This design makes this particular model to be cost effective because although it can be a bit more expensive, you’ll be saving money on the electric cost later on.

Besides, buying this in bulk will make it more affordable. Overall, in terms of value for money, the XQR2V1000-4BG575R is one of your best choices.

  • High-speed Performance

The XQR2V1000-4BG575R is packed with technology that optimizes its performance, allowing you to get the features that you want on your circuit built. This also offers more flexibility and versatility during your building process.

  • Quality Material

The XQR2V1000-4BG575R features an 8-layer metal process architecture that is optimized for high-speed performance but with low power consumption.

Final Words

If you are looking for a high-performing FPGA that is energy-efficient, then the XQR2V1000-4BG575R might just be what you are looking for.

It has tons of technology allowing it to outperform other similar products. At the same time, it’s also well designed, allowing you to enjoy many benefits other than its excellent performance.

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