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Review of the Virtex UltraScale Xilinx XCVU440 FPGA Product

The UltraScale line of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) is designed not just for high-performance, but also for interoperability. The idea is to enable transfer or migration of designs and configuration from one device family to the other.

Thus, an FPGA in the Virtex UltraScale family may be able to have similar features as the one in the Kintex UltraScale family.

If you are looking to work with the Xilinx XCVU440, rest assured that the migration is also possible. In this review, you will learn everything you want to know before purchasing any of the FPGAs under the Virtex UltraScale Xilinx XCVU440 series.

Background of the Virtex UltraScale Family

The Virtex UltraScale FPGA architecture among many things, provides for the highest performance possible for FPGA configuration.

Xilinx specifically designed the FPGAs in this family to be a mix of high performance and multiple applications. For example, you can configure the Xilinx XCVU440 for use in FPGA emulation, 400G networking and ASIC prototyping niches.

In terms of the performance, the FPGA family features the robust 20 nm process technology that delivers the greatest performance with flexible integration.

A large volume of components and peripherals are also readily available in the Xilinx XCVU440. An example is the increased logic capacity and inclusion of a serial Input/Output (I/O) bandwidth.

Technical Features of the Xilinx XCVU440

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Here are some of the technical specifications making up the Xilinx XCVU440 FPGA family.

Technical SpecificationsDescription
Input and Output (I/O) pins1,456
System/Logic Gates (K)5,541
Number of GTY 30.5 Gb/s Transceivers0
Number of 16.3 Gb/s Transceivers48
Number of DSP Slices2,880
Memory (Mb)88.6

Xilinx XCVU440 General Features

Looking to work with the Xilinx XCVU440? The family offers a wide range of features to enable the maximum performance of its FPGAs.

Here is a breakdown of some of the common features you will find in your Xilinx XCVU440 FPGA family.

1. Accelerated Design Production

The lags that come with designing a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) are reduced with the accelerated design concept used by the Xilinx XCVU440.

The three concepts used are the Vivado Design Suite for co-optimization with the Xilinx XCVU440. The co-optimization enables for rapid closure of the design.

The Kintex UltraScale architecture is enabled here, thereby, allowing the Xilinx XCVU440 to have a footprint compatibility with the former’s devices. This is one of the major ways to derive maximum integration and interoperability between the two FPGA series.

Last but not least of the architecture is the seamless footprint migration from the 20 nm planar to the 16 nm FinFET.

2. Increased FPGA Performance

The performance of the Xilinx XCVU440 is improved through a wide range of specifications. There is the 2,400 Mb/s DDR4 that enables robust operation of the FPGA over the varying PVT.

Its 30G transceivers provides for chip-to-chip and chip-to-optics performance, while the 16G backplane capable transceivers operate at half-power.


Xilinx XCVU440 combines robust performance with excellent device management. Contact EBICS to help you with the device’s optimization.



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