What You Need to Know Before Buying the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I FPGA

Are you looking to buy the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I FPGA? You may need to hold on for a moment to get all the pieces together. There are a couple of facts you need to know about the IC and its functionalities before paying for it.

In this article, we talk about these factors, as well as the steps you must take to buy the IC.

Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I Belongs to the Spartan-6 Series

Spartan-6 series is a series of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) designed by Xilinx, now AMD. The series is designed to offer low-cost, and faster programming of circuit boards through a wide range of Integrated Circuits (ICs).

As a member of this series, the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I packs a low-cost, faster design. In addition, it has a wide range of internal components designed to fast-track the design, prototyping, and full-scale optimization of a circuit board.

Technical Specifications of the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I FPGA

The technical attributes of the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I include RoHS compliance. This type of compliance is mandatory for devices and electronic components that can potentially pose a risk or health threat to the environment.

By being RoHS compliant, Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I proves to be free of some of the common substances that can potentially cause damage both to humans and the immediate environment.

The package of an FPGA is also one important element that makes up its technical specifications. In the case of the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I, it has a Thin Quad Flat Pack or TQFP. This type of FPGA packaging is designed to provide gull-wing leads all around the Integrated Circuit (IC). That way, the digital designer will have multiple “openings” through which more components can be added. This type of FPGA packaging comes in handy in situations where the weight and height of the circuit board are a challenge.

Through the optimized design, the package can fit into a wide range of scenarios.

One of the latest innovations in FPGA design is the introduction of Surface Mount Technology (SMT). This is a type of technology that enables the placement of components on the board.

Lifestyle status is yet another important factor to consider when purchasing the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I. It has to do with the availability of the circuit at the time of checking for it. The Xilinx FPGA XC6SLX9-3TQG144I FPGA has an Active product lifestyle cycle. This means that it is readily available as a catalog item and has standard lead times across different suppliers.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I

Have the following in mind before you pay for the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I FPGA:

1. Lead Time Difference

The lead time has to do with the difference between the time of initiating the prototyping or design of the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I and its completion.

This varies by designer, but RayPCB can complete the process for you in a few weeks when compared to other digital designers.

2. Costs

The Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I averages between $20 and $65, depending on the supplier. You may be able to get a discount if you purchase more.

3. Interfaces

The interfaces also include the Inputs and Outputs (I/O). It is best to purchase a Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I with several I/Os and interfaces, as those allow the digital designer to have multiple options to configure the circuit.

Final Words

RayPCB can provide professional guidance and excellent prototyping of the Xilinx XC6SLX9-3TQG144I FPGA. Contact us today!

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