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Xilinx XC6SLX9-2FTG256I – What You Need to Know About

Not all FPGAs work the same. What they can accomplish will depend on your model and their specs. XC6SLX9-2FTG256I is from Xilinx. It may not come off as cheap as other brands with lower specs, but expect XC6SLX9-2FTG256I to help you accomplish your circuit design like a pro.

However, there is nothing wrong with getting brands with lower specs. They are meant to serve as a guide and tutorial for those who are only starting to understand how products, such as the XC6SLX9-2FTG256I, work.

Here are the points that this article will try to answer about the XC6SLX9-2FTG256I:

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Who needs it?

XC6SLX9-2FTG256I – What is It?

Non-experts may read XC6SLX9-2FTG256I as codes, but it’s an FPGA product number. FPGA means Field Programmable Gate Array that allows an integrated circuit to customize your design.

The XC6SLX9-2FTG256I is equipped with system-level blocks that are all built-in. They include the following:

  • Device DNA protection and AES for an improved IP security
  • Auto-detect configuration options
  • Power management modes at advanced system-level
  • Endpoint blocks compatible with PCI Express
  • High-speed serial transceiver blocks that are poweroptimized
  • SelectIO technology
  • Improved management blocks with a mixed-mode clock
  • SDRAM memory controllers
  • DSP48A1 slices (second generation)
  • 18 Kb or 2×9 Kb block RAMs

XC6SLX9-2FTG256I – How Does It Work?

The XC6SLX9-2FTG256I comes from the Xilinx FPGA series under the Spartan-6 LX line. It works through the integration of the following features that make it among the best FPGA products to date:

  • Has reference and IP designs that are rated high in the industry
  • Uses the MicroBlaze soft processor, allowing a low cost but enhanced and faster-embedded processing
  • Larger devices have AES bitstream encryption
  • Design authentication integrates Unique Device DNA identifier
  • XC6SLX9-2FTG256I supports low-cost standards and simplified configuration
  • Improved performance with the Clock Management Tile (CMT)
  • Can be programmed as two independent 9 Kb block RAMs or use 18 Kb blocks
  • Byte write enable with a fast block RAM
  • Pipeline centric applications use LUT with dual flip-flops
  • Minimize power and improved performance through its 6-input LUTs
  • Distributed RAM support or shift register (optional)
  • Reduce design timing issues with independent FIFO at the XC6SLX9-2FTG256I’s multi-port bus structure
  • Peak bandwidth at 12.8 Gb/s with data rates up to 800 Mb/s
  • Supports LPDDR, DDR3, DDR2, and DDR
  • Integrated Memory Controller blocks
  • High-speed interfaces, such as XAUI, DisplayPort, GPON, EPON, CPRI, OBSAI, Aurora, PCI Express, 1G Ethernet, and Serial ATA
  • Up to 3.2 Gb/s
  • Dynamic power and low static
  • Staggered pads
  • I/O standards with optimized selection
  • Working multiple integrated blocks
  • Spartan-6 LXT FPGA designed for low cost, serial connectivity at high speed, and logic optimized

XC6SLX9-2FTG256I – Who Needs It?

Any developers who want efficient output done at a lesser time will benefit from using the XC6SLX9-2FTG256I. You can get its technical documents from its website.

Rest assured that you will get assistance from an FPGA technical engineer when you buy this product. However, the time it takes for them to answer your query will depend on your location.


The XC6SLX9-2FTG256I is a user-friendly xilinx FPGA complete with all the specs to accomplish a more advanced project. Check all its specs to know if this is what you need before making the purchase.



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