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Using Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C for Real-World, Cost-Effective Electronics Design Solutions

The steps to designing an electronic product are both tedious and costly. Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) have in recent times, become widely acceptable as standard for these designs.

As much as FPGAs cut down on the complexities associated with ASICs, they are far from being fully functional without blemish. Issues like costly ICs, versatile use leading to underperformance and delays in production have come up in recent years.

Can the Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C be a solution to most of these challenges? Has Xilinx got it right this time around? Find out in this article.

What is the Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C All About?

Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C is a brand of FPGA categorized under the Xilinx Spartan-II series. The series is acclaimed for the cost-effectiveness, low-power and maximum productivity. On that basis, the Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C is expected to provide most of those functions.

Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C’s Design

Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C works by loading the configuration data or bitstream into the internal static memory cells. In addition, the IC uses a total of 50,000 logic cells. These cells are the compartmentalized “value cells” from where the stored values are used to evaluate the logic functions and interconnections to be implemented in the FPGA.

Excellent ASIC Replacement

The continued efforts to replace ASICs with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are not going away anything soon. Instead, Xilinx is intensifying the efforts, as is evident with the excellent ASIC replacement technology.

It is a second-generation ASIC replacement technology packed with features like streamlined features based on the Virtex FPGA architecture.

The ASIC replacement technology also includes cost-effectiveness, improved densities encompassing up to 200,000 logic gates and over 5,000 logic cells.

To top it up, the replacement technology includes cost-effective 0.18-micron process and unlimited programmability.

High-Volume Applications

The Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C FPGA is the best Integrated Circuit (IC) to use for high-volume applications. If this is what you are looking for, it is the best IC to go for. Xilinx has designed it in a way that it can handle high-powered and high-capacity applications.

Another feature here is that its versatility can reduce the product development cycles, while providing cost-effective solutions for such high-capacity applications.

Flexible Data Retrieval

Retrieving or reading data in the Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C FPGA is simple, thanks to the flexible design.

Users or consumers can easily do that via the writability of the data into the FPGA in the form of Boundary Scan, Slave Parallel or Slave Serial modes.

The data or bitstream is also readable via the external serial PROM or master serial mode.

Technical Specifications for Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C

Below is a tabular representation of the technical specifications for the Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C FPGA.

Technical SpecificationsDescription
Mounting StyleSurface Mount Technology (SMT)
Voltage Supply (min-max)2.375 volts to 2.625 volts
Number of LABs/CLBs384
Number of Logic Cells/Elements1,728
Operating Temperature (min-max)0˚C ~ 85˚C
RAM Bits32,768
Number of Logic Gates50,000
Number of I/Os140

Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C Concluding Thoughts

Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C may not be the “perfect” FPGA but it sure is one of the best you need to get your project started.

RayPCB is a professional Xilinx XC2S50-5PQG208C digital designer. We can help you design the IC to your specifications and in the shortest time possible.

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