Features and Benefits of Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I

With the amount of FPGA solutions available in the market, it can get confusing to decide which one’s the right one to use. If you’re working on a new circuit design or a student needing an FPGA for school-related activities, or maybe even just someone who simply has an interest in digital signal processing and wants to try their hand at programming, the Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I can definitely be the ideal FPGA solution for you.

Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I Overview

The Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I is part of the Xilinx Automotive (XA) Spartan-6 family. This FPGA solution is able to perform leading system integration capabilities for high volume automotive applications while only requiring a low total cost.

It has an expanded density with 43,661 logic cells, allowing it to provide faster and more comprehensive connectivity. The Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I also has a total number of 2,138,112 RAM bits.

The low power copper process technology this device is built on enables it to reach an optimal balance of power, cost and performance. This makes the device deliver higher quality and a higher level of performance.

The Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I also offers a newer and more efficient dual-register 6-input look-up table or LUT logic, as well as a rich and varied selection of built-in system-level blocks.

This selection includes 18 Kb block RAMS, enhanced mixed-mode clock management blocks, PCI Express® compatible Endpoint blocks, power-optimized high-speed serial blocks, auto-detect configuration options, second-generation DSP48A1 slices, enhanced IP security that uses AES and device DNA protection, advanced system-level power management modes, SelectIO™ technology, and SDRAM memory controllers.

Additionally, the Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I has a moisture sensitivity level of 3. A level 3 moisture sensitivity level means that the device has a floor life of 168 hours. This also means that it comes with its own handling precautions after the package has been opened, and the storage conditions the device should be stored in to ensure that its functionality lasts longer.

This certain FPGA solution, as well as others belonging to the same family, serves as the programmable silicon foundation for Targeted Design Platforms. They’re able to deliver integrated hardware and software components that make it convenient and easy for designers to focus more on the innovation of their design as soon as the development phase of the project begins.

Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I Features

The Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I is an LX FPGA which means it’s a logic optimized FPGA. It’s also designed for low cost, as evidenced by the several efficient blocks integrated into the device, staggered pads, high-volume plastic and wire-bonded packages, and the optimized selection of I/O standards that are available.

This device also has configurable logic blocks (CLB) that include 6,822 slices, 54,576 flip-flops and 401 Kb of Max Distributed RAM. Additionally, it has 58 DSP48A1 slices where each slice that the device has contains an 18 x 18 multiplier, as well as an adder and an accumulator. This allows it to deliver high-performance arithmetic and signal processing. It also has pipelining and cascading capabilities.

It has 2 integrated memory controller blocks that have DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and LPDDR support, along with a multi-port bus structure that has independent FIFO in order to reduce any issues with design timing.

The Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I also stores any customized configuration data in internal latches that are of the SRAM-type. The configuration storage of the device can be volatile, so it’s recommended to reload it whenever the FPGA device is powered up.

Speaking of its configuration, it’s actually very simplified and can support low-cost standards. The device has a 2-pin auto-detect configuration. It also has a broad third-party SPI and NOR flash support. Its MultiBoot support used for remote upgrade comes along with multiple bitstreams and uses watchdog protection.

The device also enhanced its security in order to protect your design. It has a unique Device DNA identifier used for design authentication. Besides that, it also has an enhanced low-cost MicroBlaze™ 32-bit soft processor that allows for faster embedded processing.

Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I also uses low-cost PCI® technology support that’s compatible with the 33 MHz, 32- and 64-bit specifications. It also features IP and reference designs that give it an edge in the industry.

Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I Benefits

The Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I is able to perform at high quality even at low cost and with low power consumption. It’s also a lot more efficient and a lot more optimized compared to other FPGAs in the market.

The features of the Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I and its unprecedented ease of use allow it to serve as a low-cost programmable alternative to custom ASIC products. Not to mention, the device offers the best FPGA solution for flexible and scalable high-volume logic designs, as well as being an ideal choice for high-bandwidth parallel DSP processing designs and cost-sensitive applications that require multiple interfacing standards.

Its also free from any lead content, as well as any other hazardous substances that can be found in electronic devices. This means its RoHS compliant and has earned its green credibility. When you use this device, you won’t have to worry too much about any potential risk to the environment and public health.

Not to mention, the Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I has an abundance of logic resources as well as an increased logic capacity that only further contributes to its high-quality performance.

It also has hot swap compliance. If your device is hot swap complaint it means that you can remove and replace its components or plug it into a computer system without having to shut down or reboot the device. This adds to the convenience and ease of use of the Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I FPGA solution.

Bottom Line

The Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I definitely performs well even at low-cost and low power. Its flexible and can be used for a variety of low-cost applications with programmable logic solutions that allow you to focus more on the innovation aspect of any project you’re working on.

Whether you’re a student or a professional looking for an FPGA solution that’s worth the investment, then you definitely can’t go wrong with Xilinx XA6SLX45-3FGG484I.

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