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Who are the Major Xilinx Distributors?

Xilinx Distributors are involved in the distribution of Xilinx products and services. They make the purchase of users an easy one by delivering quickly and accurately.

Before we explain further, there is a need to explain what Xilinx deals in. Then, we will go on to explain who a Xilinx distributor is and how you can buy from one. Lastly, we will review the main xilinx distributors that you can work with. Read on as we explain this topic further.

What is Xilinx?

Xilinx, Inc deals with the designing, developing, and marketing of full programmable logic solutions. These include advanced ICs (integrated circuits), design tools, and system functions that are predefined and delivered as customer training, design services, intellectual property cores, technical support, and field engineering.

Also, the PLDs (programmable logic devices) feature FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) as well as CPLDs (complex programmable logic devices). The products from Xilinx are also defined to offer time –to –market and high integration for the manufacturers of electronic equipment in different end markets like data processing, automotive, consumer, industrial, and communications.

Globally, Xilinx sells its different products via independent foreign and domestic distributors, as well as through different direct sales to the OEMs (origin equipment manufacturers). In addition, the product families of the company in FPGAs include Spartan IIE, Spartan 2AN, Virtex 5, and Spartan 2. The families of its product in the CPLDs are CoolRunner, Cool-Runner II, and XC9500XL.

How can I Buy from a Xilinx Distributor?

There are questions on how to make a purchase from any Xilinx distributor. Another question is when to make your purchase from the xilinx distributor rather than make a direct payment from the store. One other question is how to locate a Xilinx distributor that is authorized.

First of all, Xilinx’s standard for the processing model is via distribution. The authorized distributors of Xilinx provide a reliable set of kits, development boards, devices, IP cores, and design tools. These are the steps to take to make your purchase.

  • First, visit or click here to find the list of authorized xilinx distributors
  • Check the country closest to your location
  • Next, you can reach the authorized distributor through one of these options

For cases whereby you have to work with a Xilinx distributor instead of buying directly from Xilinx’s online store include:

  • Need for buying silicon and/or IP
  • The need to purchase using a purchase order
  • Need a specially written quotation
  • The need to buy tax exempt
  • Needs sales assistance as well as product selection
  • Wish to qualify for the University pricing

Who are the Xilinx Distributors?

The major distributors for Xilinx include Avnet, Digi-Key electronics, mouser electronics, Element 14, and Spirit Electronics.


Avnet is known to be a Xilinx distributor in the Americas, in China, in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Africa, and in Japan. Also, Avnet is in a great position to confidently help you in delivering what’s next… in logistics, in supply chain, in design. This is to ensure the success of its customers at all times.

Furthermore, for over one hundred years, Avnet has offered support for some of the big names in electronics. The fact is that it could be very difficult to get products down to the customers. However, with comprehensive support all through the journey of the product, Avnet will make it a bit smaller.

You can learn more about Avnet here:

Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key electronics are authorized Xilinx distributors in the Americas, China, Asia Pacific, Japan, Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Also, Digi-Key is well known as a continuous innovator and leader in high service deliveries of automation products and electronic components globally.

This company was established back in 1972 and is known as a major resource for the design engineers. As of today, the company offers the largest selection of all stocked electronic components in the world, as well as those ready for quick shipment.

Digi-Key is proud to be well recognized as leaders for overall performance, on-time delivery, products availability, and engineer-friendly website.

You can learn more about Digi-Key Electronics here:

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics are authorized Xilinx distributors in the Americas, China, Asia Pacific, Japan, Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Globally, Mouser electronics is a well-known distributor of electronic components and semiconductors for more than 1200 industry-leading brands. The company also specializes in the quick introduction of new technologies and products focused on buyer communities and design engineers.

All over the world, Mouser Electronics has 27 branches. They also conduct their business in 34 different currencies and 21 languages. Their center for global distribution features state-of-the-art wireless management systems. This enables them to process the orders 24/7. Also, it delivers almost perfect operations.

You can learn more about Mouser Electronics here:

Element 14

Element 14 are authorized Xilinx distributors in China, Asia Pacific, and Japan. This company came to be in 2009 and is an industry standard for the collaboration of electronics.

Furthermore, the company has well-known webinars, videos, and technical blogs, which offer information regarding the latest trends in electronics like Wireless Technologies and Internet of Things. This company also hosts a video project where participants can connect, learn, create, and inspire.

You can learn more about Element 14 here:

Spirit Electronics

Spirit Electronics are authorized Xilinx distributors in the Americas only. This company is a woman-owned veteran-owned value-added distributor of different electronic components.

Furthermore, the company’s value-added services, product lines offer memory, power, ASICs, FPGAs, and virtually everything needed to build a highly reliable board, which will be able to function effectively even in very harsh environments.

Spirit Electronics also redefines distribution. This they achieve by bringing the services of the supply chain under a specific roof. They create brand new approaches to the delivery and service of their customers.

You can learn more about Spirit Electronics here:


Here comes the end of our article on Xilinx distributor. We’ve explained who these distributors are and how you can work with them. Also, if you are searching for the best to work with, we have reviewed the five main xilinx distributors.



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