Why is it more expensive to change the screen repair than to buy a cell phone?

With the comprehensive popularity of smart phones and the rapid development of mobile Internet, smart phones have long become the terminal device that people always hold in their hands.

However, because of this, we often encounter cell phone screen damage due to drops, knocks, impacts and other reasons in the process of using the phone.

After the phone screen is broken, the first thing we can think of naturally is to repair it. However, many users inquire after the sale or check the relevant information only to find that the smartphone screen is now so expensive, especially the flagship phone screen repair price has exceeded many mid-range price of the phone selling price.

For example, the official screen repair price of Apple’s new iPhone 12 is 2149 yuan, more than 30% of the selling price of the new machine, can not be described as expensive.

So for many users, after encountering a broken screen need to repair this matter will think about whether to plan to buy a new machine or to repair.

And there are many users who choose to use non-original screens in third-party repair shops for repair, although the price will be much cheaper to do so.

But the quality of the replacement screen is naturally not as good as the original screen, which is often in the display effect and the touch experience will be reduced.

For example, a netizen shared his story online about going to a third-party repair store to replace his screen, but encountered a “set-up”.

In life, you will also find that the third-party replacement screen and the original screen in the durability of the difference, that is, in the third-party replacement of the cheap screen is more likely to be broken.

This also illustrates from the side of the original cell phone screen, although the price is expensive, but both its resistance to fall performance or display effect are guaranteed.

Because the cell phone screen replacement and repair “not easy”, many users now choose to use cell phone protective cover or screen film to protect the cell phone screen, but the use of these accessories will make the phone feel worse.

And for the already very thick and heavy 5G flagship phone, the phone is a protective cover to further increase the weight of the grip.

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