Ways to improve the stability of LED stage screen

1, a solid choice of LED display raw materials

  LED display raw materials include LED lights, driver ICs, power supplies, power signal connectors, etc. These are the most core elements that determine the quality of LED displays. Therefore, the requirements for the selection of materials: international well-known brands, higher than the industry standard requirements for relevant testing, and various maintenance functions. For example, switching power supply selection requirements: overheating maintenance, AC input to support a wide range of voltage, anti-surge. DC output to have overvoltage, overcurrent maintenance. Structure design to ensure that the box is beautiful and stylish, but also to ensure good heat dissipation methods and fast splicing methods.

2, the display system control plan skills requirements

  Because of the special characteristics of the stage LED display, for its stability in the work of the requirements are extremely high. So each link of the system control plan has a hot backup function, including video sending and receiving equipment, signal transmission cables, etc.. It can ensure that when a link in the system presents an unexpected situation, the system can actively diagnose and switch to the backup equipment work at a very fast speed, the whole switching process will not have an impact on the display role of the scene. For example: in order to meet the needs of the stage scene, the stage LED display needs to move in the live scene splicing modeling. If because of staff neglect or other reasons, the middle of a large display signal input line onset of loose, in the conventional control plan, from the onset of loose box, to the end of the signal cascade, all displays will have no signal. If in the control system to join the hot backup plan, in the signal line loose moment, hot backup function launched, then the stage LED display can still work normally, will not bring any impact to the live scene.

3, LED display working condition real-time monitoring

  The working condition of the stage LED display can be monitored in real time by computer, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, the working condition of the cooling fan and so on. Able to take the initiative to regulate the processing of various situations, the location of abnormalities and alarm. For example: when a certain box because of the environment or other factors lead to the box internal temperature is relatively high, then in the absence of timely processing, this box internal power supply at any time will attack over temperature maintenance. If the display working condition monitoring in this case, the system will go through intelligent regulation of the display working condition to reduce the internal temperature of the display. When the intelligent conditioning can not reduce the temperature to the set target, the system will set the method alarm through the staff, and provide the location of the abnormal box, tell the staff to deal with in a timely manner. Ensure the normal working condition of the display as well as the safe use.

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