The Fall EBICS GTC Has Begun!

The Fall EBICS GTC entitled “2.788 – Mechanical Engineering and Design of Living Systems” is being hosted by Professors Ming Guo and Mathias Kolle

Living systems, ranging from single cells, tissues, and organs to whole organisms, rely on the complex, yet well-organized interplay of many different physical, chemical, and biological phenomena for specific functionalities and behaviors to emerge. Recent advances in understanding intracellular processes, single cell mechanics and behavior, multi-cellular interaction, as well as cell-material interfacing, in tissues and organs have contributed substantially to our understanding of biology’s unique abilities in self-assembling, growing and regenerating functional components across all length scales and also in enabling emergent behaviors such as adaptation and learning.

This knowledge has been critical for the development of simple proof-of-concept engineered living systems, including biological machines, organoids and organ-on-chip technologies. Transitioning from mere scientific study of natural living systems to the intentional forward-engineering of non-natural living systems bears great promise for meeting societal needs with engineered biological solutions. This necessitates a rigorous, concerted scientific and educational effort to conceive and realize design principles, fabrication strategies, quality testing, and application scenarios for non-natural and forward-engineered living systems.

This course will provide the educational component that complements our department’s scientific efforts in advancing engineered living systems.

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