Special Congratulations to Prof. Paula Hammond (MIT), Prof. Manu Platt (GT), and Prof. Maribel Vazquez (Rutgers)

We would like to extend a very warm congratulations to three members of our EBICS faculty that have been promoted this spring! Paula Hammond (MIT) has been promoted to the prestigious position of Institute Professor. Manu Platt (Georgia Tech) and Maribel Vazquez (Rutgers) have been promoted to full professor with tenure. EBICS is proud to have such distinguished faculty in our Center and we are happy to see their outstanding accomplishments and dedication and innovation within their respective fields of study recognized. Please click the links below for information about their backgrounds and accomplishments.

Professor Paula Hammond: https://news.mit.edu/2021/paula-hammond-arup-chakraborty-institute-0506

Professor Manu Platt: https://www.bme.gatech.edu/bme/dahlman-earns-tenure-lam-laplaca-oshinski-platt-promoted-professor

Professor Maribel Vazquez: https://twitter.com/bmerutgers/status/1383113363861995520