Simone Douglas receives NSF Graduate Fellowship and Teaching Award

Simone Douglas, EBICS trainee at Georgia Tech and mentored by Dr. Manu Platt, was awarded the prestigious 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. She is 1 of 2,000 awardees selected from over 13,000 applicants. 

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program aims to develop the nation’s leadership in science and engineering research and innovation. The fellowship lasts for 5 years with financial support for 3 years along with a Cost of Education Allowance for the fellow’s institution.
This past month, Simone was also named the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Teaching Assistant of the Year and given the BME Graduate Teaching/Mentorship Award. 

She was a TA for “Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Design” and the instructor for the course, Martin Jacobson, said “Simone is one of the top 5 TA’s I’ve worked with in the past six years here at Tech. Her manner of address to the students is clear, to the point, and respectful but firm. Her communication of deliverables and expectations on the first go-around sounds more like a professor who’s taught the class many times before. With her technical skills and infectious enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge, she gets the students engaged and the students respond well to her encouragement.”

Simone contributes to the Vascularization Working group; her research focuses on studying non-plasmin fibrinolysis pathways to characterize and control fibrin degradation in vascularized constructs. Congratulations Simone!

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