Working Group Collaborators:

LeaderKara McCloskey (UC Merced)

MIT: Roger Kamm, Paula Hammond | Georgia Tech: Manu Platt, Shu Takayama, Yuhong Fan | University of Illinois: Gabi Popescu | Morehouse: Alex Peister | Rutgers University: Maribel Vazquez | University of Georgia: Steve Stice

Working Group Goals:

The overall goal of the MPS group is to identify and use emergent properties in multicellular living systems for building vascularized tissues and organoids. The sub-goals focus around the understanding and directing the emergent behaviors (cell communication, spatial and temporal dynamics, materials interaction, etc.) in the assembly of vascular networks, neurons and neural- muscular junctions. We also aim to develop the next generation of quantitative phase imaging systems and analysis tools for imaging MPS.