Working Group Collaborators: 

Leader: Melissa Kemp (Georgia Tech)

MIT: Laurie Boyer, Linda Griffith, Ron Weiss | Georgia Tech: Shu Takayama, Hang Lu | Boston University: Calin Belta | Gladstone Institute: Todd McDevitt | Tufts University: Mike Levin | Princeton University: Stas Shvartsman

Working Group Goals:

The goals of this Working Group are to:

1) identify and control the extrinsic and intrinsic parameters governing the initiation of emergent behaviors of multicellular systems

2) examine the spatiotemporal dynamics of emergent behaviors that arise from asymmetric patterning events that occur at the very earliest stages of cell differentiation and self- organization

3) explore and model the formation of organoids in vitro and the formation of functional structures in natural systems

4) to direct the co-differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to achieve controlled spatial patterning of multicellular constructs by harnessing biochemical, bioelectrical, and biophysical cues with a focus on subsequent steps towards organoid formation.