Rashid Bashir

EBICS Leadership Title: Knowledge Transfer Director

Academic Title-Position: Grainger Distinguished Chair of Engineering. Executive Associate Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Department: Bioengineering and Carle Illinois College of Medicine

University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Lab: Bashir Lab | Laboratory of Integrated Bio Medical Micro/Nanotechnology

Research Group Member: Biobots

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Current Research

Topic: Biomachines

Contributing Trainee(s) and corresponding trainee projects: Lauren Grant: Engineering Connexins in Skeletal Muscle Cells; Gelson Pagan-Diaz: Forward Design and Modulation of Neural Tissue Using Optogenetics; Jiaojiao Wang: Higher Order Designs for Muscle Based Biobots

Research Description: Our research aims to forward design soft polymeric biological machines that are driven and controlled by cells. Muscle cells are used to propel and power the devices, and neuron cells are used to sense and compute. The machines could self-heal, self-organize, and learn. We expect these devices and machines would someday have many applications in biology, engineering, medicine, sustainability, and agriculture. 

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