Lab Focus: Biological Engineering

Project Description: Research in the Shalek Lab is directed towards the creation and implementation of new technologies to understand how cells collectively perform systems-level functions in healthy and diseased states. This project aims to append DNA barcodes to the surface of cells. This will enable parallelized comparisons of healthy and diseased tissues for deeper drug and genetic studies in cancer, infectious disease, women’s health and beyond. Students with interests in chemistry and biology are encouraged to reach out about further details.‚Äč

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Laboratory Mentors:

Samuel Allon – PhD Candidate

  • Interested in using programmed assembly of cells in vitro to uncover the intercellular circuits

Andrew Navia – PhD Candidate

  • Interested in developing novel RNA-seq technologies and studying resistance mechanisms in cancer

Sarah Quinn – PhD Candidate

  • Interested in exploring the field of immunology and infectious disease