Under the mentorship of a MIT STEM departmental research faculty member and two BEEAM mentors (either MIT postdoctoral researchers and/or MIT graduate students), BEEAM scholars will develop research and problem-solving skills through conducting and taking ownership of a research project.

In addition to gaining first-hand experience in a research laboratory, BEEAM scholars will participate in several educational and professional development activities during their time at MIT for scholastic enrichment and growth, such as:

  • attending undergraduate career fairs and workshops outlining the best practices for selecting and applying to STEM focused undergraduate programs
  • learning how to craft and deliver an effective scientific research poster/PowerPoint presentation
  • practicing presenting their research project (poster and oral presentation) to the scientific communities at MIT and across EBICS
  • connecting with other EBICS high school STEM researchers in Project ENGAGES (Engaging New Generations At Georgia Tech through Engineering & Science) at the Georgia Institute of Technology and SpHERES (Sparking High Schoolers’ Excitement for Research in Engineering & Science) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • attending a national STEM conference to present their BEEAM research (SACNAS, ABRCMS, or BMES) and
  • participating in various professional and personal development workshops on topics including EHS training, exploring mentoring, time management, resume writing, goal setting, and networking.

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