Register for EBICS Annual Retreat and M-CELS Workshop

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The 2018 EBICS Annual Retreat will take place Monday, July 30th - Thursday, August 2nd , 2018.

The Retreat will be immediately followed by the Multi-Cellular Engineered Living Systems (M-CELS) Workshop Thursday, August 2nd - Saturday, August 4th.

Both meetings will take place at the Q Center in St. Charles, Illinois, outside Chicago.

Local airports include O’Hare International Airport (35 miles away) and Midway International Airport (46 miles away). Please secure your flight arrangements early.


REGISTER NOW. The final deadline for registration is Friday, July 6th, at 9am ET. This form will allow registration for TWO events. If you are only planning on attending one, those sections will be skipped for you. Please only complete the sections that are relevant for your attendance. All participants must register to attend.

For the EBICS Annual Retreat:
• Trainees should plan to arrive at Q Center by 6:00pm CST on Monday, July 30th.
• Faculty/EAC members/IAC members should plan to arrive at Q Center before 3:00 pm CST on Tuesday, July 31st.

• The Retreat will begin at 3:00pm CST on Tuesday, July 31st.
• The Retreat will end by 1:45pm CST on Thursday, August 2nd.
• The Faculty Collaboration Forum will immediately follow, at 2:00pm on Thursday, August 2nd.

• The M-CELS Workshop will begin at 5:00pm CST on Thursday, August 2nd.
• The M-CELS Workshop will end by 2:30pm CST on Saturday, August 4th.

Carpooling logistics to/from the Q Center will be circulated upon completion of the registration form by all attendees.


Your registration will reserve you a room at the Q Center. Please indicate the dates you will be staying at the Q Center on the registration form.


When booking flights, please note your receipt must indicate economy/coach class. We cannot reimburse for receipts that are not labeled economy/coach class. If this is not possible, submit a photograph of your boarding pass with seat grade marked along with your receipt.

Please keep all receipts. We will create a Dropbox upload link for reimbursement after the meeting.