How to Work with the MICROCHIP MCP9700T-E/TT Temperature Sensors

As a consumer of electronic products, it is imperative to understand how the components work. Before buying your next Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT, understand how it works and the internal components.

The Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT is one of the essential sensors needed for the design and production of high-powered electronics and related products, such as office equipment and Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).

This article aims to help you understand how it works and what it can be used for.

What is the Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT?

Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT is a temperature sensor Integrated Circuit (IC). It is categorized under Board Mount Temperature Sensors, which are sensors mounted to help in determining and monitoring the heat levels of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

By design, the Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT is a Linear Active Thermistor that is used for regulating the proportional output voltage of a circuit board to the measured temperature. The most outstanding feature of Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT’s Linea Active Thermistor is that it doesn’t require additional signal-conditioning circuits to function optimally.

Technical Specifications of the Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT Temperature Sensor

Below is a table showing the technical components of the Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT Board Mount Temperature Sensor:

Technical AttributesDescription
Output Current100 uA
Types of OutputAnalog, Digital, Analog Voltage
Operating Supply Current6 uA
Minimum Operating Temperature– 40˚C
Maximum Operating Temperature– 125˚C
Mounting TypeSurface Mount Technology/Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
Number of Bits8
Minimum Supply Voltage1.3 volts
Maximum Supply Voltage5.5 volts
Product StatusActive

Important Points to Note About MCP9700T-E/TT’s Linear Active Thermistor

Wondering what the Linear Active Thermistor design of the MCP9700T-E/TT means? Here are important facts to know about it.

1. Low-Cost

If you are looking for low-cost or affordable temperature sensors, this is one of them. The reduced cost is primarily because of the “active” status of the sensors. When compared to the thermistors, it offers a faster connection of the Voltage Output Pin (VOUT) to the microcontroller’s ADC input.

2. Space-Saving

In addition to the Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the MCP9700T-E/TT offers flexible spacing.

Besides the placement of the components directly on the circuit board, designers can easily leverage the absence of external components placement to save space.

3. Accurate Temperature Measurement

Remember that the primary aim of using a Board Mount Temperature Sensor, of which MCP9700T-E/TT is one, is to regulate and monitor heat dissipation on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

In line with that, the MCP9700T-E/TT maintains accurate monitoring and measurement of the heat through the calibrated slope of 10mV/˚C and 500 mV DC offset.

4. Multi-shutdown Capability

MCP9700T-E/TT doesn’t have a shutdown capability, which could have helped in the manual regulation of its operations.

That notwithstanding, digital designers can tap into the functionalities of the Microcontroller I/O Pin. Through these Input and Output (I/O) pins, the device can be shit down through a down-toggling of the I/O pin.


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