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How Electronic Manufacturing Service Impacts Modern Technology

EMS stands for electronics manufacturing services. This refers to an industry or company that manufactures electronic products. Also, EMS is usually interchanged with the term “contract manufacturing (CM).” EMS offers various engineering and manufacturing outsourcing services to OEMs.

An EMS electronic company is a manufacturing partner for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). OEMs require the assistance of professionals as regards assembly and supply chain management. The EMS industry is a dynamic one. Also, the demand for electronic components is increasing. There is an increasing demand for outsourced manufacturing services.

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) offer various manufacturing and accompanying services. These services include supply chain management and engineering management. Over the years, the EMS market has been growing. Also, EMS companies provide support OEM’s in managing the whole supply chain.

The increasing demand for consumer electronics enables manufacturers to make use of the current opportunities. Therefore, electronic manufacturers may have to collaborate with solution providers.

EMS Electronics Overview and Applications


For ems electronics, the focus of this service is to offer stems from the designing, manufacturing, testing, and distributing. EMS providers serve these functions; these include complete systems assembly for OEMs.

Take for example, offering “box build” services or systems integration – the manufacturers can make use of the process in combining wire harnesses, PCB assemblies, enclosures fabrication, testing, etc.

There is a broad industry for electronics manufacturing. It spans across industrial and consumer products, government, health care and electronic components. You can observe four main driving forces, as the EMS market keeps growing. These include

  • Rising demand for all consumer electronics – According to a new analysis, the increase in consumer electronics demand can lead to a rise in the trend of outsourcing.
  • An increasing demand for all automotive electronics – This is largely due to the increasing demand for more safety systems
  • Mobile devices proliferation – There is a continuous growth in the market for wearable technology, iPhones, and Android devices
  • Advanced skill, as well as focus on major competencies. Companies keep seeking solution providers, which offer expertise in a specific market sector or a specific field.

Applications of Electronics Manufacturing

For the electronics manufacturing industry or space, there are broad and diverse applications. You can apply the majority of these in all industries. These include consumer, industrial, and commercial. Let’s consider some of its major applications.

Medical applications

The medical OEMs reach out to the EMS provider to deliver the best quality standards, best processes, as well as experience and expertise, which can guide the introductions of new products seamlessly via development.


The industrial applications make use of many technologies across different industries. The entire lifecycle of the product, starting from the specification and scope and then all through testing and prototyping, and then to the final assembly, are necessary to ensure that a new product gets to the market.


Data processing and telecommunication is complex. Therefore there is a need for support for different devices, as well as the network infrastructure that underpins the technology.

Aerospace & Defense

To ensure high reliability and peak performance for harsh-environment applications, there is a need for a safe critical solution. Also, there will be a rise in the focus on aircrafts’ electrification.

What is the Difference Between EMS and OEM Providers?

Electronics manufacturing services EMS design electronic components. These providers are responsible for manufacturing and testing of electronic products. Also, they are responsible for supplying OEMs with electronic products. Furthermore, an EMS electronic provider provides support in the form of procurement assistance and shipping management.

This provider obtains additional components and offers some customer services. EMS provides different value-added services. Also, EMS providers specialize in producing high volume and low volume products. Therefore, this service requires a huge amount of money. Electronic manufacturing services EMS specialize in one or two manufacturing environments.

On the other hand, original equipment manufacturers design and produce electronic items according to a buyer’s specification. OEMs play an important role in the electronic manufacturing industry. Also, OEMs focus majorly on product development and innovation. OEM companies design most electronic products and own the rights. Some OEMs sell low to medium volume.

OEMs possess surface mount electronic equipment that is faster to run. Also, they may have dedicated manufacturing lines for every product. On the other hand, EMS companies must provide more agility. Contract electronics manufacturers are different from EMS and OEMs.

What is High Mix Low Volume Manufacturing?

Manufacturing environment, which is also high mix low volume, has to do with different products, which are usually manufactured in little quantities. Here, there are two-fold benefits. These include lesser inventory requirements and tailoring to demands of customers.

The expectations of customers keep changing for products that are more customized. This is leading to a high mix low volume manufacturing, which places more dynamics in the systems for manufacturing.

One possible challenge for OEMs is the building of complex products in little quantities. Due to this, many of these OEMs decided to outsource their high mix low volume production to the service providers that have more expertise and experience in the field.

When you outsource production, this can lead to lesser errors. It will also free up R&D resources and internal engineering, as well as allow you to control your finances better.

Capabilities of EMS Electronic Providers

PCB assembly is one major service provided by electronic manufacturing services EMS. Due to technological advancements, there is high-quality assembly. Many EMS companies offer assembly processes for combining PCB assembly. Also, they offer box build assemblies alongside testing procedures.  The scope of services provided by EMS companies varies. This depends on their production capabilities and strategies. Also, electronics contract manufacturing provides assistance with various associated services.

New product introduction

The introduction of a new product is a crucial process in electronic manufacturing. An EMS provider will evaluate a new product before advancing to the serial production. Therefore, this will include studying the possible risks during the production. Also, this will include material verification and trial production. Such procedure also accounts for the preparation and design of product-specific tooling.

Engineering support

EMS providers employ experienced engineers and technicians for product management. Also, the EMS can offer product management support within the entire production life cycle. EMS providers also provide BOM and revision management and other capabilities. Also, a vast knowledge of the material structure and production process enables good design for manufacturability.

Product Testing

An EMS provider may carry out functional tests using equipment provided by its customer. Also, electronics manufacturing services can offer ICT and functional test. This will help to evaluate the functionality of an electronic product. Also, functional test is a primary process that ensures fully operational devices are sourced out.

Supply chain management

The BOM and product specification allows the EMS to carry out sourcing operations. With these documents, your EMS can procure the quality materials and components. Through the best optimal supply chain management, a professional EMS provider optimizes service costs. Therefore, a good EMS provider supports OEMs in achieving their goals.

Benefits of Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic manufacturing services EMS offer a lot of benefits. EMS providers play a crucial role in the electronic industry.

Improved productivity and cost structure

It is important to work with a well-organized EMS company. This will help to reduce the risk of delayed deliveries. Cooperating with EMS providers helps to leverage their purchasing power. EMS providers offer enhanced productivity and utilization of the production equipment. Therefore, customers can minimize the cost of OEM’s products and get more financial benefits. Thanks to economies of scale.

Skilled workforce

EMS providers employ professional technicians and engineers. Technological advancement requires the need for a highly specialized workforce. Also, EMS offers strong engineering expertise. An EMS provider focuses on production and any manufacturing competences.

Design support capabilities

Electronic manufacturing services provide assistance throughout the design processes. These services include manufacturability analysis. Also, these services offer analysis for procurement. This helps to optimize a product for assembly. A good EMS provider will make everything easier and more efficient for you.

Improved inventory management

Reliable EMS providers are experts in managing the procurement processes. Also, these providers have strong planning expertise as well as developed ERP systems. The advancement in technology and improved capabilities help EMS providers to meet the demands of original electronic manufacturers.

Also, EMS providers prevent OEMs from investing in complex IT systems. Electronic manufacturing services manage the supply chain. Also, they help in providing effective planning solutions.

Minimized investment in technology

Working with an EMS provider is one of the best ways to introduce a new product. EMS providers invest hugely in technologies and workforce. However, they can easily spread these costs across various customers. Outsourcing will save time and money.

What are the Barriers and Challenges of Electronics Manufacturing?

Despite the great benefits of EMS, it also comes with its dark sides. The following are some of the challenges that EMS could face.

  • There is an increase in labor costs
  • Automation is now very important. This is necessary to handle tasks requiring large quantities and high precision in assembly. Also, automation is very necessary to help in replacing manual labor.
  • Investing in support systems and infrastructure to help in managing highly regulated and complex markets such as defence, aerospace, and medical.
  • Furthermore, there are issues regarding compliance and traceability
  • There is serious global competition
  • Disposing e-waste (products) as well as how they affect the environment
  • It is important to have a robust management system for the product lifecycle. In the absence of this, manufacturers can make wrong decisions that could affect a specific product.

Note that these challenges have been there for some time and they keep growing. However, integrating advanced technology and the electronics value chain will help in breaking the barrier.

What EMS Electronics Services Companies Offer?

The EMS Company’s services are widespread. They do design, as well as repair of damaged products. Electronic contract manufacturing services could be different from the other. However, they still share some similarities. The main services offered by almost all EMS companies include Cable assembly, Printed circuit boards assembly, contract design, electromechanical assembly, prototyping, assessing, and aftermarket services.

Printed Circuit Boards Assembly

This is the process where the PCB board is assembled either using solder component or surface mount technology. Furthermore, the main elements needed here include transistors, resistors, ICs or integrated circuits, etc. These elements are connected onto aboard. Recently, the surface mount has been used by EMS companies for assembling PCBs.

Cable Assembly

This is also called cable compiling. The electronic manufacturing service company achieves this by hand soldering. Also, this company must have the authorization to do this. Make sure you see this certificate before working with any. One the cable assembly is over, and then the next thing to do is examining its capacities. Tests carried out here include automatic cable, hipot test, and more.

Electromechanical assembly

For this, the manufacturer makes use of different materials, and also develops different outputs like box builds. Majority of manufacturers make use of aluminum, plastic, and steel during this stage.

Also, an organization may pack the orders of clients and test the developed parts’ functionality, heat shrink, design potting, etc. during this stage. Potting is a way in which organizations make use of elements to increase tremor, resistance capability, precipitation, etc. In addition, the cable becomes coated with an extra plastic layer. This is to ensure that there is protection.

Contract Design

This is another important part of the electronic manufacturing services, which continues the whole process easily.  A reliable EMS company will get involved from the start of the entire process.


Before the product is shipped to the buyer or customer, there is a need to check the element’s quality. If this device fails to offer the right performance, it may lead to impeded run time, increase in fees for issues relating to repair. This could also be very risky for the overall status of your organization.


After these steps are complete, the next is PCB prototyping. Now, this step is very important and can offer lots of benefits to the organization by helping them to prevent any upcoming hazard that may happen later on relating to the circuit board’s performance.

Aftermarket Services

After the supply of the products, it is possible that the product gets damaged at some point in time. This is why the company must be ready to offer aftermarket policies. This includes mending the returned products, calibration, renovation, and promotion.

How to Choose an EMS Provider

There are several electronic manufacturing services. However, choosing the best EMS provider will make your project much easier and faster. Therefore, you need to take some factors into consideration. These factors will help you choose well.


You should choose an EMS partner with great credibility within the electronics industry. EMS companies that remain successful have the required skills and experience. These companies have survived due to their expertise and ability to satisfy their customers’ needs. Choose electronic manufacturing services with advanced skills and experience.

Customer service

It is important to consider the responsiveness and transparency of your EMS provider. Ensure the company is consistent and responsive. You need an EMS that has your best interest at heart. The flow of information is crucial to the success of your project. Also, ensure the EMS Company can meet your immediate demands.


You should choose an EMS provider with a high degree of certification to the most recent standards. Attaining and maintaining appropriate certifications requires strict adherence. Also, EMS companies with great certifications adopt quality measures. The right certifications assure you of quality. Therefore, ensure you inquire about the certifications of your EMS provider.

Quality control

This is an important factor when choosing an EMS company. Electronic contract manufacturing services ensure all products undergo stringent testing. This helps to ensure the functionality of electronic products. Products that work under harsh environments should undergo environmental testing and reliability testing. Also, the manufacturing processes demonstrate quality control.


Electronics manufacturing keeps evolving and has a fast pace. Solution providers that are flexible, which keeps pace with quick change will keep experiencing success for all customers.

We at RayMing PCB have great inspiration to assist in solving global challenges in electronics manufacturing. This starts from the design to the fulfillment of the product for any customer that needs support for highly reliable products in high mix low volume markets.



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