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We strive to integrate cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research accomplishments into a range of educational endeavors – from journal clubs and workshops to formal courses and curricula – to advance innovative training, diversity of the workforce, and public education for all.

The major intellectual theme of EBICS is the integration of concepts from the applied fields of tissue engineering, systems biology, and synthetic biology to: a) yield new analytical insights into emergent behaviors of integrated cellular systems, and b) use this analytical framework as the basis to design and build new kinds of biological machines.  Although the research endeavors are interdisciplinary, and will remain so, they are anchored centrally by the emerging discipline of “biological engineering” – engineering analysis, design, and synthesis based in modern molecular life sciences. At the same time, EBICS researchers derive from several established disciplines in engineering and science (mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biology, chemistry), hence the EBICS education mission also prominently emphasizes the ways that biological engineering can be used to bridge disparate disciplines to foster advances in a focused research field, “engineering cellular systems”.

Within the broad context described above, the EBICS education mission will be realized through a spectrum of curricular and extracurricular activities.  The long-term impact of EBICS research can be realized through creating new curricular content that captures the intellectual advances of our research mission; i.e., integrating biology and engineering principles arising from the fields of tissue engineering, synthetic biology, and systems biology with the goal of describing emergent behaviors of integrated cellular systems. This new curricular content will provide an essential foundation for entirely new frontiers in design of biological machines, therapies, and diagnostic devices.  

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