September 2020 Symposium

August 2020 Symposium

June 2020 Symposium: Understanding Immunology in MPS and M-CELS

uPS M-CELS Seminar Series at GT – Eric Parigoris from Shu Takayama’s Lab @ GT

Crosstalk Between Immune Cells and Tissue Cells to Govern Microenvironment PathophysiologyDouglas A. Lauffenburger, PhD – Faculty @ MIT 

M-CELS Approaches for Recapitulating the Bone Marrow Microenvironment – Samuel Mccachren from Melissa Kemp’s Lab @ GT

May 2020 Symposium: Fun Things with Brain Organoids

“Convergence of engineering and analytical methods for improved brain organoids”– Austin Payne Passaro from Prof. Stice’s Lab @ UGA

“The Utility of Brain Organoids”Amanda Weiss from Prof. Gillett’s Lab @ UIUC 

“How to build a nervous system for biohybrid motile bots”– Onur Aydin from Prof. Saif’s Lab @ UIUC

“Assembloids arise!: Generating an ideal starting material for brain organoid-on-a-chip systems” – Seleipiri Charles from Prof. Lu’s Lab @ Georgia Tech

April 2020 Symposium: Future Biobots

“Moving Bio-Bots to the Future: Embracing variability”– Gelson Pagan from Bashir Lab @ UIUC

“Self-constructing biobots: mass-production of autonomous, motile, and programmable synthetic organisms of the future”Gizem Gumuskaya from Levin Lab @ Tufts 

“Engineering autonomous pump-bot with skeletal muscle” – Kai Yu Huang from Kong Lab @ UIUC

March 2020 Symposium: Translational Applications – Drug Screening, Disease Models, and Regenerative Medicine for Transplantation

Harnessing hiPSC-derived Organoid Engraftment for Liver Regeneration – Prof. Valerie Gouon-Evans Faculty @ BU

Potential in Improving Vascularization in Organoids for Transplantation – Jose Zamora @ UC-Merced 

In vitro Disease Models: Where do we stand? – Cynthia Hajal from Kamm Lab @ MIT

February 2020 Symposium: Single-Cell Analysis of Organoids

Machine Learning as an Alternative for Analysis of Temporal Dynamics in Single Cell Sequencing – Jose Asencio from Weiss Lab @ MIT

Future Directions to Improve Computational Specificity and Digital Staining of 3D Cellular SystemsMikhail Kandel from Popescu Lab @ UIUC

Wolf Phase Tomography of Cells with Partially Coherent Light – Xi Chen from Popescu Lab @ UIUC

January 2020 Symposium: SynBio Approaches to Organoids

Programming Multicellular Systems using Synthetic Biology Sebastian Palacios from Weiss Lab @ MIT

Engineering Co-Emergence in Organoid ModelsIvana Vasic from McDevitt Lab @ Gladstone

Automated Frameworks for Spatial and Spatiotemporal Pattern SynthesisNoushin Mehdipour from Belta Lab @ BU