Congratulations to Ghazal Naseri Kouzehgarani for achieving two awards!

EBICS trainee Ghazal Naseri Kouzehgarani was recently awarded a Beckman Graduate Fellowship and the University of Illinois’ Molecular and Cellular Biology Teaching Excellence Award. Her proposal featured collaborative research between the laboratories of EBICS faculty Martha Gillette and Gabriel Popescu:

In April, Ghazal Naseri Kouzehgarani, an EBICS trainee in Martha Gillette’s laboratory at the University of Illinois, was awarded a 2018 Beckman Institute Graduate Fellowship for her research proposal entitled, “Advanced Technological Imaging to Investigate Morphological and Coupling Heterogeneity of Astrocytes in Hippocampal Dentate Gyrus.” The Beckman Graduate Fellows Program offers University of Illinois graduate students the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary research at the Institute. Preference is given to those proposals that are interdisciplinary and involve the active participation of two Beckman faculty members from two different research groups. Ghazal’s research will utilize an emerging technology in real-time imaging, gradient light interference microscopy (GLIM), developed in the laboratory of Gabriel Popescu, well-established tracing techniques supported by a newly-acquired, high-resolution 2-photon Bruker imaging set-up in the Beckman laboratory of Professor Dan Llano, combined with Martha Gillette’s lab’s expertise in astrocyte electrophysiology and coupling. This interdisciplinary project will allow Ghazal to advance knowledge of the role of astrocytic networks in regulating the neuronal circuitry important in learning and memory.

In addition to her Beckman Fellowship, Ghazal Naseri will be recognized at an awards ceremony on May 3rd for the University of Illinois’ Molecular and Cellular Biology Teaching Excellence Award.

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