Congratulations to Dr. Gelson J. Pagan Diaz and Dr. Ghazal Naseri Kousehgarani of UIUC!

We are pleased to announce that EBICS trainees Dr. Gelson J. Pagan Diaz (Bashir Lab, UIUC) and Dr. Ghazal Naseri Kousehgarani (Gillette Lab, UIUC) successfully defended their Ph.D. theses.

Dr. Pagan Diaz’s thesis is titled “Dissertation title:  Biofabrication of Muscular and Neuronal In-Vitro Tissue for Multi-Cellular Engineered Living Systems,”.

Dr. Naseri Kousehgarani’s thesis is titled”Structural and Functional Heterogeneity of Cells in the Rat Hippocampus”.

Both alumni successfully defended their theses in May 2020. Congratulations Dr. Pagan Diaz and Dr. Naseri Kousehgarani!