Commonly used panels for LCD monitors

 The panel type is related to the response time, color, viewing angle, contrast ratio and other important factors of the LCD. Commonly used panels of LCD are TN (TwistedNemaTIc twisted column type), IPS (In-Plane-Switching plane conversion type), VA (VerTIcalAlignment multi-quadrant vertical orientation type) three types, the first two are relatively common.

  TN screen: fast response time is an advantage

TN screen is the earlier common soft screen, with the hand can be pressed out of the water ripple, this is one of the earliest LCD panels used, is also in large numbers, because it is the most mature technology, the lowest cost. TN screen response time is fast, the fastest can reach 1ms, there will be no residual images. The use of this material screen is usually used as a professional gaming screen, through the fast response time, TN screen can non-destructive rendering of high-speed changes in the details of the scene.

  Relatively speaking, the defects of the TN panel are also obvious, the output gray scale is less, only 6bit color natively, the screen color is white, the viewing angle is small, the display effect is general, through different angles of viewing will appear off-color and brightness differences. Therefore, if you are engaged in design, film and television post-related work or in the viewing entertainment screen color has high requirements, it is not recommended to buy this screen.

  IPS screen: wide viewing angle, good color

 IPS screen panel is hard, touch the screen with your finger, the screen will not be distorted. IPS screen in the color display, viewing angle and other aspects than the TN panel is much better, for the color rendering range and accuracy also have a bright performance, wide viewing angle is the native advantage of IPS panel, no matter which angle to watch will not produce color shift. Most of the professional screens related to image processing currently use IPS panels. Apple has also been bundled with IPS screen publicity, for users who prefer Mac, IPS screen is a good choice.

  In addition, although the response time of IPS screen than TN screen is slightly inferior, but thanks to the excellent color performance of IPS screen, for both office and entertainment needs of ordinary gamers, IPS screen is still worth considering.

  Subject to the limitations of IPS screens need more backlight to improve the brightness, poor control will leak light is a common problem of IPS screens. However, professional screen manufacturers in response to this problem usually have a more standardized control mechanism, more trustworthy.

  VA screen: high contrast ratio

VA class panel also belongs to the soft screen, as long as the finger light touch panel, show plum pattern is VA panel, appear water ripple is TN panel. VA panel is in the high-end LCD application more panel type, Fujitsu, Samsung, Chi Mei Electronics, AUO and other panel companies have adopted this panel technology. 3000:1 high contrast ratio, black and white in the picture are more pure, and there is no light leakage and other problems.

  VA panel defects are mainly reflected in the response time, the good thing is that now VA panel response time has been significantly improved, enough for normal use.

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