Common faults of LCD monitors

1, the display of the entire device without power

  This is a should be said to be a relatively simple fault, the general LCD display is divided into two kinds of power and equipment outside the power supply, equipment outside the more common some.

Regardless of that type of power supply, its construction is much simpler than the crt display power supply, vulnerable parts of the general is some small components, such as fuse tubes, keyed inductors, switching tubes, voltage regulator diodes, etc..

  Rarer failure is caused by the motherboard cpu power supply does not start, these are actually the basic principle is also very simple, is based on the keypad to the cpu, and then according to the cpu output a manipulation data signal driver power conversion IC chip work.

  2, the display will not light up for a while, but the power supply display light is long.

  This type of problem is generally Kor voltage anomaly caused by the maintenance of the power circuit pose, in this case, the general LCD screen is displayed information, see the way is “eye squint”.

  3, the display bright line or is the bright line

  This kind of problem, generally is the LCD screen failure.

  Bright line failure is generally connected to the LCD screen itself, the line discharge problem.

  The bright line is generally the screen itself has gone electric, the above two kinds of problems are mostly to the device sentenced to death, no overhaul value, because the price of a screen is too high.

  4, the screen flickers or is a black screen

  This problem, if the screen’s optocoupler circuit in the motherboard, then it should be the fault of the motherboard, if the screen’s optocoupler circuit in the LCD, the general condition of the screen should be changed, the risk of overhaul is quite large.

 5、Color deviation fault

  Generally can go into the maintenance adjustment method to carry out the adjustment.

  6、Other relative rare fault

  Impact: In different working modes, LCD monitors may have some impact, the vast majority is all normal conditions, there are very few are generated on the power supply circuit.

  Due to, the unique production process of the LCD monitor, resulting in only in the standard working mode test to the difficulty can be counted as a fault.

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