Can LED film screen become the mainstream of the future market

 In the field of LED display, in order to adapt to a variety of applications and facilitate end customers, display manufacturers continue to innovate and derive a variety of products to gain a good share in the market. LED film screen is one of them.

  Film screen has soft, transparent, thin and other features, making the application sites more diverse and the installation and maintenance process easier. These features can not only facilitate users, but more importantly, can also open up a new market blue ocean for LED display applications, and even form a new LED display trading model.

LED film screen has great potential in both indoor and outdoor advertising fields. In addition to store window advertising, LED film screen has great potential for application in a series of advertising fields that have not yet been effectively developed, such as bus and cab window advertising, glass guardrail and sightseeing elevator advertising in public places such as commercial centers, hotels, high-speed railway stations and airports.

 One, soft, light, thin, transparent More application possibilities

 LED film screens, not only have the soft characteristics of flexible screens, but also have higher transparency. According to LED film products professional manufacturer Lianman Optoelectronics, its LyraX series LED film screen thickness is only between 1 ~ 3mm, weight between 1 ~ 3kg / square meter, the transparency rate of more than 80%, based on these thin characteristics, its installation is also very simple, the product only needs to tear off the centrifugal film in the user’s favorite location to complete the installation process. Completely avoid the traditional display installation needs to cooperate with the box, the construction of load-bearing steel frame and other complex and tedious process, not only reduces the manufacturer’s construction costs, but al

 Second, the prospect of small and medium-sized area applications is promising

 Compared with the application of LED transparent screen in the field of large-area glass curtain wall, its lightweight advantage is particularly prominent in the field of small and medium-sized area display. Traditional LED display is the mainstream in the field of large-area display of 500 square meters, while in the small-area display, the LCD screen has a larger share. However, the appearance of the LCD display is clearly inferior to the LED film screen, and the wall, especially the combination of glass curtain wall is also more abrupt, coupled with the latter’s greater weight, so in the small-area field LED film screen is also unlimited potential. As the technology continues to mature, LED film screen promotion will help to reduce the overall cost of using LED display and accelerate market penetration.

 Three, easy installation mode to create a new trend of display

  As far as the market is concerned, LED displays have different application needs, different requirements for use area and clarity, and different forms of installation in application sites, so customers pay more attention to pre-sales program consultation, after-sales installation and maintenance during the purchase process. LED displays need to be like TVs and other commodities to achieve true commercialization, and there are many obstacles to overcome.

  LED film screen installation and maintenance is simple and closer to commercial viability, users only need to choose the LED film screen point spacing and the required area size, you can install it yourself.

  After saving the installation and construction process, it not only improves the convenience of selling the screen, but also reduces the user’s concern.

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