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What is BGA in PCB?

BGA in PCB is also referred to as Ball Grid Array. This packaging type is a surface mount one that is useful for an integrated circuit (IC). BGA makes use of different approaches to connections and is useful in mounting devices permanently.

Other packages like the QFP, quad flat pack, makes use of the package’s sides for connections. What this means is that the pins have limited space. This must be spaced closely, and also made very small to offer the required connectivity level.

Furthermore, BGA makes use of the package’s underside, whereby a considerable area exists for the connections. This means that the entire bottom surface can be completely used.

The placing of the pins is done using a grid pattern. This is why it is called Ball Grid Array. The pins don’t just aid in connecting the pads with solder balls. They are featured as well with the connection function.

What are the Benefits of BGA in PCB?


Below are the benefits of BGA in PCB

Efficient Use of PCB Space in BGA Package

When you make use of the BGA package, we can make use of a few PCB components. Also, you can use smaller PCB footprints. This package is also useful in custom Printed circuit boards. This could ensure that the printed circuit board space is more effective.

Improvements in the Thermal and Electrical Performance

Due to the BGA packages’ small size, the transfer of most heat could be done to the ball grid directly. This is done anytime the mounting of the silicon wafer is done over the top. Therefore, this is perceived to be the best way at which the dissipation of heat can happen.

Furthermore, breakable or bendable pins are absent in the Xilinx BGA. This can enhance these PCB’s durability as well as keep a great electrical performance.

Producing Profit Improvement Due to Welding Improvement

Soldering will come easy, once the BGA packages pads’ become larger. This is why there will be an increase in the manufacturing speed, which results in profit improvement. In addition, when these PCBs have larger pads, it also makes re-work possible and easy.

Less Damage Danger

Damaging the BGA package’s solid solder balls during operation isn’t easy.

Reducing the Cost of PCB Assembly

Improved features, efficient use of PCB space, less danger of damage and quick speed of manufacturing, will surely help in reducing the cost of PCB assembly when making use of the BGA package.

Types of BGA in PCB

There are different requirements for different equipment and assembly types. This is why there are many different and useful variants of the ball grid array, which are produced in order to meet the necessary requirements.


This package is smaller compared to the standard package. Here, three pitches are prevalent: 0.8, 0.65, and 0.75mm.

Molded Array Process BGA (MAPBGA)

The MAPBGA is useful for devices of low to mid-performance devices. This requires packaging with a surface mounting ease and low inductance. Also, it offers a low cost alternative with a small and little footprint as well as high reliability level.

Thermally Enhanced Plastic BGA (TEPBGA)

TEPBGA features a higher ability of heat dissipation. It makes use of copper planes that are thick in the substrate in drawing heat from the die and onto the board.


Tape BGA is useful for high-end and middle solution for any application that requires a high thermal performance excluding a heatsink.

Plastic BGA (PBGA)

PBGA is useful devices of mid to high performance, which requires surface mounting ease, low inductance, and low cost. However, it still retains high reliability levels. This PBGA package features extra copper layers which is useful for improving the ability of power dissipation.

Package on Package (PoP)

Also, the PoP package is useful in applications in which space is a real premium. This permits the stacking of a memory package on the top of your base device.

Testing the Assembly Board of BGA in PCB

One issue with any BGA device is that viewing soldered connections with the aid of optical methods. This is why the majority of manufacturers had their suspicion about the technology on first introduction. The main issue with the soldering of the BGA devices is the application of sufficient heat to make sure that the grid’s balls melt well for satisfactory joints.

Also, you cannot test the joints fully just by checking its electrical performance. There is a possibility that the joints aren’t made properly, and with time, these joints will fail. Using x-ray is a satisfactory way of testing the assembly board of the Altera BGA.

This is because it can look into the device’s soldered joint. One you set up the solder machine’s heat profile correctly, the devices for the BGA will be well soldered. This ensures the possibility of BGA assembly taking place in the majority of applications.

What are the Factors that Affect the Quality of the PCB BGA Assembly?

Below are some of the factors that affect the quality of the BGA Assembly

Pad design’s feasibility

Due to the different pitches, BGA packages can be grouped in different types. Therefore their different disadvantages and advantages as well as corresponding pad will surely affect the assembly quality of the BGA in PCB.

Printing of the Solder Paste

The printing of the solder paste is a way of transforming the solder paste accurately from the stencil to the pad using stencil. Therefore, it is a major factor in deciding the quality of the BGA.

Accuracy in Positioning

The accurate positioning of the components of the ball grid array on the printed circuit board plays a huge role in improving the soldering reliability of the BGA.

Soldering Defects and Temperature Curve

Generating an acceptable temperature curve for soldering is very difficult due to the BGA package’s particularity. Though the setting of this temperature tells the process of forming of the soldering joints, there is a close relationship between it and the soldering joints reliability.


Here comes the end of our article on BGA in PCB. To understand properly, you can read this article over and over. Please check our blog section to see other interesting articles for you.



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