The Relevance of Artix-7 Vivado to FPGA Designs

Vivado Design Suite is a software suite written in the C++ programming language. It is designed by Xilinx, one of the leading FPGA manufactures and optimized for use in making integrated designs for embedded applications.

If you are looking to design or configure a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), here is one of the best software suites to use. In this article, we discuss the relevance of the Artix-7 Vivado to the FPGA design process.

How Does the Artix-7 Vivado Work?

According to Wikipedia, the Artix-7 Vivado is dedicated to the synthesis and analysis of Hardware Description Language (HDL) circuit designs.

Built on a common debugging environment and shared, scalable data model, the Artix-7 Vivado is one of the best software suites for designing or developing the hardware for circuit boards.

Artix-7 Vivado vs. ISE Design Suite

pcb fabriaction and assembly

The Xilinx Artix-7 Vivado supersedes the ISE Design Suite. According to the semiconductor manufacturing company (Xilinx), the development of the Artix-7 Vivado was designed to replace the ISE and chart a new course for future semiconductor configurations.

To that end, the Artix-7 Vivado doesn’t support the earlier FPGAs manufactured by Xilinx. Rather, it currently supports the Virtex-7. Artix-7, Kintex-7 and Zynq-700 device families. The Artix-7 Vivado will also support future FPGAs, especially those designed and released by Xilinx.

If you are working with previous or earlier device families, consider using the IS Design Suites to do that.

Components of the Artix-7 Vivado

Here is a breakdown of some of the technical components of the Artix-7 Vivado and how each of them comes together to improve FPGA designs.

High-Level Synthesis

The inclusion of a high-synthesis tool in the Artix-7 Vivado is designed to offer better and more integrated options than the ISE Design Suite. This also includes the toolchain that supports the conversion of the C code into a programmable logic.

Vivado Tcl Store

In addition to being the scripting language for the Vivado Design Suite, the Vivado Tcl Store also helps control the suite. In this case, it can be used to either control or invoke the underlying functions of the suite.

Vivado IP Integrator

This is the integrating interface of the Artix-7 Vivado. The Vivado IP Integrator enables the integration of the Artix-7 Vivado with other related devices. The integration and configuration of the IP can be done from the extensive Xilinx IP library.

Features of the Artix-7 Vivado Design Suite

Below are some of the features that hallmark the performance of the Artix-7 Vivado:

Vivado ML Design

The Vivado ML Design is a dedicated set of advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, designed to accelerate the design phase of the circuit board design cycles.

Verification Process

The Artix-7 Vivado also bolsters the verification of both the chip-level and block circuit designs. With the optimization for cohesive environment usage, you can rely on the suite to meet the different verification needs of multiple complex devices.

Wrapping Up

The Artix-7 Vivado Design Suite is a trusted circuit board design suite that enables the real-time configuration of a wide range of programmable devices.

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