All-EBICS Journal Club

All-EBICS Tutorial Journal Clubs.

The research landscapes in all the fields that contribute to EBICS are rapidly evolving, and some of the fields may be entirely new to students (and even some faculty) entering the EBICS program. We therefore initiated a running series of approximately monthly “expert tutorial/journal club” sessions, held by interactive webcast (BlueJeans: cloud based video-conferencing service) in which a faculty member chooses 2-3 high-impact, recent research papers to review in a field, and provides background reading (reviews and older research papers) ahead of time, and then during the presentation, begins with a structured tutorial of the history and state of the art in the field for context before leading discussion and analysis of the research papers.  This format allows students to get a quick but highly organized synopsis of the important work and approaches in EBICS and become familiar with literature crucial for their professional development.  Each session is held in duplicate on different days/times so that all students have a chance to participate regardless of their schedules, and students are highly interactive with questions during the discussion. EBICS faculty participates in these sessions along with students, as a means of having the entire program gain a common ground of understanding.  

Journal Club Archive Articles

December 2016 - Presenter: Prof. Laurie Boyer (MIT)

Missed it? Listen to the discussion now!


September 2016 - Presenter: Prof. Taher Saif (UIUC)


April 2016 - Presenter: Prof. Yuhong Fan (GT)


May 2015 - Presenter: Prof. Steve Stice (UGA)


April 2015 - Presenter: Prof. Calin Belta (BU)


December 2014 - Presenter: Prof. Martha Gillette (UIUC)


October 2014 – Presenter: Prof. Roger Kamm (MIT)


May 2014 - Presenters: Prof. Hyunjoon Kong (UIUC) and Prof. Taher Saif (UIUC)


February 2014 - Presenter: Prof. Ron Weiss (MIT)


December 2013 - Presenter: Prof. Todd McDevitt (Gladstone Institute)


November 2013- Presenter: Prof. Stanislav Shvartsman (Princeton)


October 2013 - Presenter: Prof. Stanislav Shvartsman (Princeton)